Owner Cosmetologist/Esthetician Sandra Topete

Sandra joined the beauty industry in 2007, after a couple of years working in hair salons Sandra wanted to expand her skills and continue her education so, she attended various seminars to learn more about skin care.  Soon after, she took an intense waxing training program using the best and most efficient techniques using HARD WAX, she was also specially trained in Brazilians for men and woman so you can trust her with your most intimate areas.  Now she is an educated licensed hair removal specialist.  Sandra is also a specialist in chemical peels and skin care that works to improve common skin conditions such as hyper pigmentation, rosacea, aging skin and acne.  She has been certified with PCA Skin, one of the most well known companies dedicated to the science of Healthy skin.  She loves improving people lives, and having a healthy skin is a priority number one to look and feel beautiful.  In 2011 Sandra became interested in working with eyelash extensions, so she started to teach herself and practicing on friends and family, then soon after when she felt more confident, she started working at a boutique that specializes in eyelash extensions only. By working there, sandra gained experience, knowledge and speed to beautiful lashes, soon after she became certified to do Volume lashes by Borboleta Beauty.

As we all know the beauty industry keeps growing and getting more unique and exciting, new techniques and services keep coming, Sandra loves learning, so she found her new passion.  In 2016 she started doing cosmetic tattoo, microblading and powdered ombre eyebrows.  She is double certified by Microblading LA and Everlasting Brows, now you can trust her with all your beauty needs !!