Microblading is the new semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement technique, where through the manual application of inserting pigment into the outer layers of the skin, we are able to imitate individual hair strokes to create our desired eyebrows and shape. It is perfect for people who have over plucked or those who want to define, reshape or darken their brows giving a very natural look. This service is suitable for normal to dry skin.

(2.5 to 3 HOURS)*
*Touch up NOT included - 


Powdered ombre eyebrows is a unique technique suitable for any skin type. This amazing technique mimics a soft make up look using a machine with digitally controlled power and hand piece with an attached macro needle cartridge.  Its a very gentle procedure.  Touch up not included 

(2.5 to 3 HOURS)


This service is a combination of microblading and powdered ombre technique.  Touch up not included. 

(2.5 to 3 HOURS)

touch ups

six weeks touch up $100

must be done with in 6 weeks from the initial session otherwise price will go up

color boost $150

this procedure is for those wanting darker brows and or a touch ups before the 6 month mark.

6-12 months touch up $200 

12 +months $250