First of all extensions give you a few benefits to consider: No need for mascara - you won't need it and that saves you a lot of time.  They create a more youthful appearance.  Extensions will take years off your face making your eyes look brighter, rested, lifted and more vivid.  They are simple to maintain and will give you a beautiful natural look.  No matter how long or thick they are, they will still look like your own natural lashes.

what are classic eyelash extensions?

Attaching false eyelashes onto your own lashes individually with adhesive. Classic eyelash extension is applying one lash to one of your natural lashes.  It's extremely difficult to tell they're fake since they are attached one by one.  It's one of the most loved beauty treatments by all generations!

Full Set of Classic Lashes $155

This is the most popular look that adds additional definition and thickness to create a noticeable style.

(120 MINUTES)*
*We apply as many lashes as we can in the 120 minutes

Full Set of Volume Lashes $200

Volume lashes will give you amazing fullness and bold eyelashes look.  

(180 MINUTES) 

what are Volume eyelash extensions?

Volume lashes, also known as Russian volume or 2D-6D lashes, is a technique which you are safely applying handmade and customized fans of lashes using 2 to 6 fine extensions per natural lash. Because volume lashes are lightweight, they can weigh less or equivalent to one classic eyelash extension. This technique gives you extra fullness and volume. 

 Classic Lashes Touch-Ups:

 Touch ups are highly recommended every two to four weeks to keep your lashes full. 

 2 or 3 WEEKS - $64(60 MIN)

4 WEEKS - $73(75 MIN)

5 WEEKS - $90 (75-80 MIN)*
*Must have at least half set done, otherwise a full set must be booked

Volume Lashes Touch-Ups:

1 WEEK - $70 (30 MIN)

2 to 3 WEEKS - $84  (75 MIN)

4 WEEKS - $92(90 MIN)

Eyelash Removal $35

Eyelash extensions are gently removed using a special gel remover that won't irritate your eyes.

(20 to 30 MINUTES)***
*Removals are free if you book a full set
**Must book a full set plus the removal to allow enough time

We use Faux-Mink Lashes, which are man-made fibers, designed to imitate real mink fur.  They are very fine, soft and silky just like real fur and real human lashes.  Because they are so light, they don't tend to drop or twist, even after many weeks of wear.